About The Game:
Need For Madness is a 3D-Cartoon game developed in Java.
It is a very mad car racing, crashing and stunt performing game.


Game Objective:
Complete stages, with every stage completed the stage after that one will be unlocked and with every two stages completed a new car will be unlocked.
The game automatically saves itself on your computer when you complete a stage, so if you play another day you will find that you can continue your previously played game!

> To complete a stage, you can do that by two ways:
1- Racing through the stage, completing the number of laps and finishing in 1st place.
2- Wasting and crashing all the other cars in the stage, you crash cars by driving into them!


Whether you are racing or wasting, "Power" is an essential part of this game.

"Power" is what makes your car race faster and crash in other cars stronger, simply more powerful.
The more "Power" you have the more your car will perform better, drive faster, jump higher and dominate more.

>To get "Power" you will need to perform stunts.
(And as you drive "Power" decreases, so you will always need to do stunts to keep your "Power" up.)


Performing Stunts:
Drive and get speed, point to a ramp, hit the ramp, take off into the sky, do your trick, focus on your landing and continue driving.

To perform your stunt, when your car is in the air press [Space Bar] + Keyboard Arrows (more detailed game controls are found in the game).

Notice that in the air:
Backward looping pushes your car higher/upward in the air (takes it up in the air more).
Forward looping pushes your car inward into the air (forwards faster, not downward, good for racing).
Right side rolling pushes your car towards the right sideways.
Left side rolling pushes your car towards the left sideways.

And you can do combo tricks, like a backward loop + roll and the more spectacular the trick you perform the better power you get in return.
Of course sometimes you may not need to perform a trick, if your power is already high.
But remember in all cases, the better the stunt the more power you get!


While racing you should maintain your power and always focus on clearing the CheckPoints.

You need to pass through all CheckPoints in a lap in order to complete that lap.
You can pass through a checkpoint from either side.


When wasting cars, you can just drive freely and do stunts to maintain power.
Find other cars and go for them.
To help you find other cars press the [A] key, this will make your Guidance Arrow point to cars instead of race course.

Guidance Arrow will always be pointing to the closest car to you after pressing [A].


When you crash your car, your cars "Damage" increases.

If your damage reaches it's maximum your car will be wasted and its game over.
At anytime, to fix your car and reset its damage jump through the Electrified Hoop.

Your car will come out of this Electrified Hoop a new car.

Your car can crash from either colliding with other cars, colliding with obstacles in stage or by landing badly.
To land without inflecting any damage to your car, land your car flat on its wheels.


Every stage follows a completely different concept and style.
Some stages it's all about racing, others its all about wasting/smashing cars, others its all about doing stunts, others it's all about running away from bully cars and more...
It's up to you to decide what you should do with each stage and how to play it.

> Please read the brief game instructions in the game for the game controls.

-------- Good Luck --------